January 2022

Start Your Family in 2022 With A Fertility Consultation

For many, the beginning of a new year is a time to set goals. Let 2022 be the year you become a parent with the help of Dr. Jeris Cox and the Adore Fertility team. Dr. Cox works with couples in Charleston and the surrounding areas who struggle with infertility.

The first step is to schedule an initial consultation. Dr. Cox explains, “The initial consult is a time we truly get to know our patients, their goals, and their struggles. It allows us time to set up a work-up and treatment plan that is individualized.”

TIP: When is it time to schedule a consult? Women under the age of 35 who have tried to conceive for a year or longer or women over 35 who have been unsuccessful for six months should schedule a fertility consultation. In addition, any woman who has irregular menses and is trying to conceive should contact her OBGYN or consult with a Reproductive Specialist.

Patients of Adore Fertility offer similar advice, “Don’t wait. Make the call. Your life will change forever.” Finding the right team to help you start a family can be daunting. Many patients turn to Adore Fertility because of their compassionate female care team, affordable pricing, and Dr. Cox’s proven outcomes with her patients.

TIP: Get a second opinion. Do not be afraid to get more than one opinion. Adore Fertility offers discounted initial consults for second opinions.

TIP: Be prepared. Have the facts in hand at your initial consultation. Track your cycle, know your history, and know your options. Do not let the fear of cost keep you from scheduling. Dr. Jeris Cox created Adore Fertility to ensure that fertility services and the dream of parenthood are available to everyone. All major insurance providers are accepted at Adore and each patient/couple can meet with a financial counselor that can guide them through this aspect of treatment.

TIP: Don’t wait. Adore Fertility’s Dr. Jeris Cox is accepting new patient consult appointments for 2022.

A patient explains, “I cannot stress enough how welcoming and warm this doctor’s office is. Dr. Cox and her team are the best women/medical team I have ever come across. She is thorough, kind, and personal. I felt seen and understood. “

Adore Fertility’s Dr. Jeris Cox and staff compassionately guide each patient to parenthood using the latest advanced reproductive technologies. Located in Mount Pleasant at 1280 Hospital Drive, Suite 300, patients may call to schedule an appointment at 843-990-4500.