Military Savings Information

Significant Savings for Military Families at Adore Fertility

As a veteran-owned and operated fertility clinic, Adore Fertility is passionate about supporting military members and our families. Dr. Jeris Cox, a prior active-duty army physician for twelve years, extends her affordable fertility mission to make parenthood possible for those in service to our country.

Healthcare can often be complicated to navigate, and the final cost of healthcare services is less than transparent at many medical facilities. At Adore Fertility, we strive for transparency of cost. For all patients, we provide significantly more savings than the competitor. For military patients, we go even deeper with an added 10% off all treatments.

Here is how it breaks down:

  1. Schedule your initial consult. If you come to us as a second opinion (with your prior workup – labs, imaging, semen analysis – for us to review), your consult fee is free.
  2. Tricare coverage and your expected out-of-pocket costs.
  3. Tricare coverage applies to initial consults, labs, and some basic treatment options if you are seen at an in-network civilian facility or at an MTF (Military Treatment Facility), however, Tricare has very little coverage of most treatments following the initial workup. Treatment costs are subsidized if you get all your care at an MTF that offers these treatments such as Walter Reed in DC, Portsmouth Naval in VA, Womack at Fort Bragg, NC, Brooks Army in San Antonio, TX, Madigan in Tacoma, WA, San Diego Naval, Tripler in Honolulu, HI.
  4. Adore is out of network at present due to Tricare limiting patients in this region to only 2 clinics for their initial consults/workups in South Carolina.
  5. Adore’s pricing is considerably less than competitors that are in Tricare’s network in SC. Treatments are much more affordable. Thus, getting an initial consult/workup with an in-network provider and then coming to us for a price comparison/second opinion for free is vital for our military members to save their money! Our prices, as a benchmark, are similar to the subsidized prices at a military treatment facility and we have no wait times! Please compare our prices. For example, monitoring/ovulation induction/IUIs (intrauterine inseminations) are <$500 (compared to >$1000 at other clinics); and IVF cycles are <$10,000 (compared to >$13,000 at other clinics). And we offer an additional 10% off these for the military!
  6. Ultimately, Tricare pushes our military patients to cost-prohibitive clinics. By only covering the initial workup, patients must then carry the costly burden of uncovered treatment fees. Dr. Cox would like her fellow military members to know that Adore Fertility is here to support all military families in their dream of parenthood affordably.

Savings at a Glance

  • Adore’s fertility treatments are 30-50% less than ANY other clinic in SC
  • Monitoring/IUIs-intrauterine inseminations are <$450
  • IVF cycles are <$10,000
  • Adore savings plus an additional 10% off all our treatments to our military family

“Dr. Cox is by far the best doctor I have ever had! She was with us while she was on active duty, caring for military families. Not only did she stick by me and my husband through all the years of my fertility journey, but she also delivered my handsome little boy!"