How Does Adore’s Embryoscope Improve IVF Outcomes?

Traditional IVF protocols limit the embryologist to only viewing the embryo when removed from the incubator. The embryologist views the embryos at fixed times over a 5 day period. Some risk occurs with a traditional IVF incubator at each viewing outside of their incubation environment. The change in temperature and humidity can cause stress to the embryo. Without constant supervision, critical embryo information, such as exactly when the embryo divides, is missing. Overall, traditional IVF may leave the embryo at risk when viewed and can miss pivotal information by limiting the viewing.

Enter the Embryoscope, a true game-changer in the fertility field. The Embryoscope allows embryologists to monitor and evaluate embryos without ever taking them out of the incubator, per the latest time-lapse video technology. The time-lapse video provides a 135-hour, microscopic minute-by-minute video display of the growth of an embryo to the blastocyst stage. The embryos can be analyzed thoroughly by reviewing footage at every relevant stage. This process increases the chance of choosing the best viable embryo for In-vitro Fertilization.

Adore Fertility’s Embryoscope promises better IVF outcomes for patients by allowing the embryos to stay in their stable culture environment with tightly regulated temperatures and continuously purified HEPA/VOC filtered air. Further, the Embryoscope small incubation chamber allows for rapid recovery of culture conditions after opening the door. The benefits and success of the Embryoscope are clear and backed by clinical, evidence-based studies across the globe. The area’s sole fertility center with the Embryoscope, this new technology’s improvement of success rates is among the many reasons those seeking parenthood make their IVF journey at Adore Fertility.